Lions Club of Mersey-Devonport Inc

District 201T1 Tasmania Australia

Letters of Appreciation and Certificates of Merit

Our Lions Club often receives letters of appreciation for some of the good work we do in the community. This page provides a list of the letters that we receive.

Date From For
04/07/2018 Gran's Van Certificate of Appreciation for helping the needy and homeless of our community.
04/04/2018 Haemophilia Foundation Australia (HFA) Thank you letter from Sharon Caris Executive Director HFA for donating to the Foundation in March 2018.
28/03/2018 Lions Recycle for Sight Australia Thankyou letter from Lions Recycle for Sight Australia for sending 2 boxes glasses through to the Project.  Well done Gael.
14/02/2018 Grace Brown - Principal SOSE Thankyou card to President Peter Noble and Club members for donating towards the purchase of a bus for the School of Special Education (SOSE)
30/01/2018 Australian Chapter of the International Stamp Club Thankyou note to Deanne Gault regarding collecting stamps for the Australian Chapter of the International Stamp Club
23/12/2017 C3 Church Thankyou card to Pam and Dennis Applebee from C3 Church for donating toys from Christmas Stocking Raffle.
20/12/2017 Mission Australia Christmas and Thankyou card to Club from Mission Australia for donating during 2017.
31/10/2017 Nixon Street Primary School Thankyou note from Nixon Street Primary School for supporting their 2017 End of Year Assembly and Awards
29/10/2017 Lions Mints Australia Certificate for Most Improved Club Mint Sales 2016 from Lions Mints Australia
17/08/2017 The Salvation Army Donating to the Red Shield Appeal in July 2017
21/06/2017 Hillcrest Primary School Running 2 x BBQs at the Twilight Fair 3rd March 2017